One month

One month!

One month.

One month?

In exactly one month I will be flying out of the United States and into Copenhagen to begin my semester abroad. At least once a day someone asks me “Are you excited to leave!?” For the most part I reply that yes I am, I am so ready. But inside I know I’m not as ready as I may appear to be.

First of all, I am still daunted by the task of packing the best clothes I’ll need to live abroad for 4 months. Especially because I’ll be arriving and living in a country where it will be winter for most of my time abroad.

Second, I’m nervous about leaving my family and the friends I’ve made over the past 3 semesters at Oneonta. While I’ve never had much of a problem spending time away from my parents and friends, the friendships I’ve made over the past few months are going to be hard to leave for an entire semester. I know I’ll be doing so many new things during my semester abroad and I’ll be able to talk to them on social media, but it’ll still take some time to get used to.

Third, I STILL JUST CAN’T BELIEVE I LEAVE FOR COPENHAGEN IN A MONTH LIKE WHAT? A part of me still doesn’t think that it’ll actually happen, that some random piece of paperwork will prevent me from going abroad when in reality that is not true. Still, I check my email everyday just to make sure everything is taken care of.

Overall I’m super excited to go abroad and learn about new cultures and meet new people and study things I would never have the opportunity to do while in the United States.

…I just might freak out about everything until I’m actually there…


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