Most people don’t think Tuesday’s are anything special. Though they aren’t hated with the same passion people use for Monday’s or are enjoyed with the same excitement people reserve for Fridays and Saturdays, Tuesdays are usually just another day of the week. Maybe you had tacos for dinner, but if not chances are nothing extraordinary happened. In contrast, my Tuesday was filled with so many fun activities.

It started with a Danish language class where I practiced a variety of questions, how to say “Thank You” and “Sorry” and even how to count to ten. (You might not find this extra exciting, but I’m pretty proud that I’m not entirely helpless when it comes to Danish now.)


Learning Danish, woohoo!

After class I visited a donut shop a few streets away which I had seen recommended on another DIS student blog from last semester. I have to say that after only going there once, I wholeheartedly agree that this donut shop is amazing. They had close to 15 different kinds of donuts all with different colored icing, sprinkles, even marshmallows on some. I chose a mocha flavored donut with little chocolate circles on top and paired it with a cappuccino. It. Was. Delicious. I will definitely be visiting this shop often because it’s so close, so cozy, and so yummy.



Later in the day I spent some time thrift shopping with one of the Student Resident Advisers from my kollegium, Cecilie, in the area of Copenhagen known as Nørreport. We went to a variety of Red Cross stores, thrift shops, and even a few shops that resembled antique shops in my area of New York. I ended up buying a few shirts and seeing a different side of Copenhagen than I had since I first arrived. It was nice to do something that I normally do in NY in a new area of the world to see what people here throw out or think of as “antique-y.” (For the most part its really similar to everything I see in the US which is kinda nice)

This is just one of the beautiful streets near the thrift shops because I wasn’t sure if it would be rude to take pictures inside the stores

In the evening I met my visiting host family for the first time and had dinner with them. If you don’t know what a visiting host family is its similar to a regular host family except you don’t live with them. Instead they can invite you to their home for dinner during the week or take you to different parts of Copenhagen on the weekends.

My host family was extremely gracious for welcoming me into their home and Kamma, the wife/mother, made a delicious meal called frikadeller (which is meatballs) along with potatoes and a few side dishes. It was great to have a real Danish meal and the fact that it was homemade was even better. Throughout dinner we talked about politics, music, art and essentially a little bit of everything. I’m excited to get to know more about Kamma and her family throughout the semester; and maybe even visit a museum or two with them at some point. Tak again for the delicious food!


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  1. Malika says:

    Donuts and thrift shopping sound like perfect activities!


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