To-Do Tuesday #1: Christiansborg Palace

Since there are so many wonderful things to do in Copenhagen and Europe in general, each week I’m going to post about something that you can do, hence “To-Do Tuesday!”

Yesterday I visited Christiansborg Palace to do an assignment for my Danish Language and Culture class where I looked at The Queen’s Tapestries. The Queen’s Tapestries were a gift to the current queen Her Majesty Margrethe II on her 50th birthday in 1990. According to Visit “The 11 tapestries are from Le Mobilier National et les Manufactures Nationales de Gobelins et de Beauvais in Paris – commonly referred to as les Gobelins…Bjørn Nørgaard painted the full-size sketches – known as cartoons – upon which the tapestries were woven.” Due to intense detail of the tapestries it took 10 years for them to be completed, so they were presented to the Queen on her 60th birthday. They now hang in The Great Hall of the palace.

I tried to capture the grandeur of The Great Hall in this panorama but it was a bit hard because of how big the room is!

Each tapestry tells a different story about Denmark, starting in the Viking Age and continuing through the 20th century. One tapestry even predicts a bit of what the future may look like! For my class I had to answer specific questions which pointed out important historical moments in Denmark such as King Christian IV’s reign, when Denmark lost some of its land to Sweden, and when the Danish Constitution was signed. The detail within these tapestries and the colors used are simply amazing. It seemed like each time I looked at a tapestry I saw a new detail that I hadn’t noticed before.


Not only was The Great Hall gorgeous, but so was the rest of the palace. To start this tour I got to walk up a grand staircase that had a red carpet and genuinely made me feel like a princess.


Then visited a room where the King and Queen would sit when receiving guests, the velvet room where all of the walls are lined with red velvet (and that has the royal crest in it if you look closely), the dining room which has a table large enough to serve 50 guests, and the Queen’s library which looks like it came straight out of the library in Beauty and the Beast.


Overall my visit to Christiansborg Palace was fantastic! However, I would recommend going during a time when you could get a tour from a guide because I think that would add to the experience, especially because guides always know fun little facts! Until next Tuesday’s To-Do, I’ll leave you with a selfie I took outside of the palace! 🙂

Selfie outside my future home LOL

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    Really beautiful!

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