Field Study 2: Copenhagen Fashion Week

This Wednesday I spent the morning with my Meaning of Style class at one of the trade fairs of Copenhagen Fashion Week. We visited CIFF, Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, at the Bella Center which is basically an enormous convention center in the outskirts of Copenhagen.




This trade fair was an opportunity for designers to step up a small booth with their collection so that buyers for boutiques and other shops could buy pieces to sell in the next few months. The center was divided between men’s wear, women’s wear, shoes, and accessories, as well as further separations within these broad categories.

To be honest, it was overwhelming the amount of clothing there was in this gigantic center. When we first walked in to the center, we were in the men’s wear section which had similar style to men’s wear in the United States. Most of the clothing was very fitted and only came in dark colors like blue, black, or gray. In contrast, the women’s wear section spanned a huge area that was filled with natural light and booths that were almost overflowing with different colors, patterns, and fits of clothing.


This was only one part of the entire women’s section!


While I expected the styles to be more eccentric, for the most part the clothing resembled what can be seen in most magazines and catalogs. I did notice that certain booths stuck to a more traditional Scandinavian style with darker colors dominating their designs that had more function in them rather than fashionable implications. But other booths did break free from that notion with bright colors like mustard yellow and burnt orange or shapes that reminded me of pieces from the 70s that flowed away from the body.


Overall it was a great morning to be surrounded by so much fashion and creativity. It definitely made me take a closer look at what people at the fair were wearing as well as what people on the street, both Danish and American were wearing. I also took a little more time that morning to pick out a fashionable outfit in an attempt to fit in with the fashionistas of Copenhagen. But now that I’ve been inspired who knows what will be hanging in my closet in the future!

Enjoying the view over the women’s section



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  1. Malika says:

    So fun! How is your Meaning of Style class overall?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emma Cohen says:

      It’s really food ! I’m learning a lot about the history of fashion and different parts of the industry which is great!


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