To-Do Tuesday #2: The Botanical Gardens and Geological Museum

Looking to escape the cold Copenhagen streets for a few hours? Check out the Botanical Gardens and Denmark’s Geological Museum!

Since my friends Mara, Anna, and I don’t travel until the end of our Core Course weeks we decided to spend our Wednesday exploring the Botanical Gardens. It snowed this morning and throughout the day so we enjoyed both walking around in the snow and warming up inside with all of the tropical plants.

The Botanical Gardens viewed from the outside. The building in the center was where we spent most of our time

To get to the gardens, we walked through a park near Nørreport station which was simply lovely with a light dusting of snow. The main area of the Botanical Gardens that we visited was in a great circular greenhouse full of palm trees and other tropical plants. It smelled like dirt and earth and springtime from the moment we stepped foot in the building. Plants were everywhere and a small stream flowed between them.


Then we discovered that we could walk up a spiral staircase where we could walk around the trees and look down from above. When we first went in the gardens seemed like some magical wonderland, but from this view overlooking all of the plants truly felt magical. Almost as if we were walking around in a life sized summer snow-globe.


After we walked through a few of the connecting houses we continued walking around the park where we discovered Denmark’s Geological Museum. This museum is another great place to visit on a snowy day, though unless you love rocks and minerals you probably won’t want to spend much time here. Nonetheless, the rocks and minerals we saw were beautiful and the building they were housed in had cave-like drawings on the wall which was interesting to say the least.


All in all, visiting the Botanical Gardens and Geological Museum are great places to go when you’re spending time in Copenhagen! Especially if you’re here on a cold snowy or rainy day!


Mara, me, and Anna after our adventures!

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