To-Do Tuesday #4: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

When looking up things to do in Copenhagen one of the results will almost always be the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. My friends and I took the train there last Saturday and spent most of the day exploring the museum, its gardens, and the little town around it.

It took us a bit to figure out exactly how to get there but eventually we bought combined tickets so that our train ride and museum entrance ticket were all in one which was super easy. The train ride was fast and after a 10 minute walk from the station to the museum we got there right as it opened.


The first exhibit we walked through was called “Cells” by Louise Bourgeois. The exhibit consisted of a collection of 25 cells that she began creating in her eighties that deal with every concept of the word cell: from prison cells and monk’s cells and even biological cells. Wire, glass, doors, fabric, and stone come together to create her ideas which all have a very personal history associated with them and connect her pain and passion with physical objects. I had never seen an art exhibit quite like this but I really enjoyed it! As I walked through the cells, there were clear similarities that connected all of them together like the use of the color red or fabric that represented her mother’s life as a seamstress.

The next exhibit we went into was one of the permanent exhibits at the museum called “Gleaming Lights of the Souls” by Yayoi Kusama. To see this exhibit, 4 people walk into a room no bigger than a walk in closet where the walls are covered in mirrors and you stand on a small island surrounded by water. From the ceiling hang ping pong like balls that are illuminated with all colors of the rainbow and reflect from every surface of the room creating a spectacular image that makes it feel like you’ve stepped into space. Its very relaxing to visit this room (but be careful not to step off the island and into the water like my friend did – which was hilarious)!


William Kentridge, an artist from South Africa who works with drawings, films, sculptures, and drama productions also had a solo exhibit called “Thick Time” displayed at the Louisiana. Most of the exhibit was a serious of films that he had created through stop animation using charcoal drawings, books, or other unusual objects. Along with the films that play on walls of the exhibit, Kentridge has created music and machines that go along with the subject of the film and envelope the viewers senses. This exhibit was my favorite because it had a political and human nature about it and was just mesmerizing to watch what was going on on each screen whether it was a procession of people following a marching band or a dictionary that was the backdrop for displaying different quotes as each page was flipped.


We also spent some time exploring the gardens and sculptures around the museum which was fun despite the fact that it was very damp outside. Afterwards we walked back into the small town and found a cafe where we all got sandwiches before going to a nearby bakery and treating ourselves to some delicious Danish pastries. I have no idea what the pastry I got was called but it was delicious! It had the flakiness of a croissant with a cream filling and whipped cream and chocolate to top it all off. A great dessert to end a great day! 🙂

Look at all of that deliciousness




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