To Do Tuesday #5: Royal Danish Ballet

If you’re a dancer like me or just love to visit beautiful places, spend an evening seeing a ballet at the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen. My friends and I went one Thursday night and saw the ballet “Dans2Go” which had three acts, all representing a different style of ballet.


The first performance was from Denmark’s most famous ballet choreographer August Bournonville and depicted the ballet schools that he is most known for. While this wasn’t my favorite performance of the three it was a great way to start the night because it served as an introduction to the Danish style of ballet where male dancers have a more prominent role than in other ballet styles from around the world. It was also amazing to see the ballerinas warming up on stage before they performed in the same way that my friends and I warm up before our shows (shout out to all my lovelies in Terps!) Plus, the accompanying pianist and violinist performed on stage with the dancers rather than in the orchestra pit which was cool.

The view from my seat watching the ballerinas warm up

The second performance is a piece by Jerome Robbins called “Other Dances” and was created in 1976. It’s set to music by Chopin and is a tribute to the music and its simplicity and romanticism. Two dancers performed this piece, one male and one female, and it really did focus on the romanticism of the music while still being very athletic with lots of technical moves.

The third performance, which lasted for the entire second act, was choreographed by Oliver Starpov, a member of the corps de ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet, called “Beginning and Ending.” This one was by far the favorite among myself and my friends because it was more modern that the first two and had more dramatic costumes and scene changes which really gave it a more intense feel. The website for the ballet describes it as “the story of a crazed writer who is seduced by his own stories and loses himself. The work lets you contribute poetically to the author’s partite universe and to the characters that are born of his imagination.” It definitely lives up to this description and allows each audience member to view the story in their own way. And wow, the end of this ballet was amazing with all of the male dancers performing very acrobatic lifts and then when the female dancers came out and everyone was dancing together in unison. Gorgeous.


If I get a chance I will most likely go back to watch another ballet or performance at this theater and if you get the chance, you should too! 🙂

Me, Rebecca, and Mara at intermission


The day after I went and saw this ballet my Danish Language professor said we would get to go to see this exact ballet the next week. So I actually saw this ballet twice! And OMG….I thought where I sat the first time was great, but when I saw it with my class I got to sit in the second row!!! We were so close to the stage we could hear the dancers breathe! Plus, being so close meant we could see all of the emotions on their faces so much better. I didn’t think I could enjoy this ballet any more, but after seeing it a second time it somehow became even more spectacular!


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    Looks gorgeous!!❤😀

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