Fries and Waffles and Belgium (chocolate), oh my!

France may have delicious wine and Italy may have freshly made pasta, but if you’re looking for a place in Europe to find some amazing food look no further than Brussels, Belgium! When all of those travel sites and your friends say the waffles are superb and the fries are so good and the beer (if you’re of age of course) is top-notch, believe them. And believe me too because I have the pictures and full stomach to prove it! So let’s go food by food and salivate at the deliciousness of it all…


I decided when I first got to Brussels that I had a 1 waffle per day quota that I needed to fulfill…and I tried my best to achieve that goal every day. I started off easy with a waffle that had some chocolate sauce on it. The result? Deliciousness with every bite and some chocolate smudges on the sides of my mouth to prove it!


Waffle #2 was a little more..hearty. I got a waffle with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce drizzled on top and I have to say I didn’t think I would be able to eat the whole thing when I first saw it. But fear not! I managed to eat every last bite of this glorious beast.

Yes, there actually is a waffle under all of those strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce..and its delicious!

Waffle #3 was a classic Belgian waffle. Purchased outside the Atonium for only 2 euros this little guy was pure waffle and sugar. And while it may not sound as amazing as waffle #2, I think it was actually my favorite because of its simplicity!


Alas, the last waffle I had in Brussels was one served a restaurant which simply didn’t rise up to the standards of the street waffles I had experienced earlier. I guess that just means I’ll have to come back and eat some more someday!

Waffles are wonderful in Brussels and I can’t wait to come back some day and eat more!!



Just as good as the waffles and just as many calories. Fry stands surround the Grand Place (which I’ve decided is the most gorgeous square of buildings in all of Europe) almost as much as the waffle stands. The best way to eat these fries is to top them with spicy mayo, not ketchup, and share them with your friends!

Amy and Erica getting some of the best fries in all of Brussels! If you don’t get spicy mayo on them I think you might be doing it wrong…

*no pictures of our fries were taken because we ate them so quickly #sorrynotsorry



Thanks to DIS we got to take a break from meeting with politicians on Wednesday night and instead met with a chocolatier who taught us how to make authentic Belgian chocolate! We dipped oranges in chocolate, put hazelnuts onto little chocolate circles, and even made chocolate molds called Cat’s Tongues. The chocolate tasted so amazing that we didn’t want this event to stop! Luckily we got to take all of the chocolate we made with us to enjoy on our way back to Copenhagen.


Now if these foods aren’t enough to convince you of Brussels gastronomic superiority I also ate amazing Thai food, sushi, mussels (mussels in Brussels…get it!?), and drank some crazy beer while staying here for the week. So go and treat yourself! Find some waffles and potatoes and make yourself a delicious Belgian meal. And then as you digest this food, book yourself a trip to Brussels so you can enjoy the real thing for yourself! 🙂


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