Bergen, Norway…more like burrrgen!

Getting so many opportunities during the semester to travel was one of the main reasons why I chose to study abroad with DIS. About every 2 weeks, everyone gets a week to travel whether that’s with your core course, on a DIScovery tour, or just traveling with some friends! Since my roommate Sonia and I both had this week off we spent the weekend in Bergen, Norway, a place we’d always wanted to visit!

If you’ve never heard of Bergen, that’s understandable. Oslo, the capital of Norway, usually gets all of the attention. But that’s not to say Bergen isn’t absolutely amazing on its own! It was founded sometime around 1070 by King Olav Kyrre who called it “the green meadow among the mountains” which is so true. The oldest part of the city, Bryggen, has a row of shops and houses that can trace their foundations back to the 1200s though they’ve been rebuilt a few times since then. But as cool as these buildings are, its the mountains surrounding Bergen that make it truly spectacular.


One of those mountains is Fløyen which has a tram that you can take all the way up so you can be a little lazy and not have to hike all the way up to see the views. When we got up to the top we were amazed by the view, but little did we know it was going to get so much better. Since Sonia and I thought that Norway would somehow by warmer than Denmark we needed to stop at the gift shop for some more appropriate weather attire. Once we had our gear, we were ready to explore the troll forest and wooden ropes course on top of Fløyen. This consisted of taking silly pictures with trolls, playing in the snow, and helping a Norwegian boy successfully make it to the top of the course!


Then, as we were about to head back down the mountain, the skies cleared and the view from before became 100 times better than before which we didn’t think would be possible!


The next day we decided to take a fjord tour to experience even more of Bergen’s natural beauty, but it turned out to be a private harbor tour for the two of us! We didn’t get to see cool waterfalls or glaciers, but we got a sense of Bergen’s fishing community and the history that its people have with each other and nature which was definitely worth it!


Though there was so much to do in Bergen, sadly we had to leave that night and didn’t get to do everything we had planned since it rained most of the time we were there (when Wikipedia says they have about 200 rainy days a year, its TRUE). But just because we didn’t get to do everything doesn’t mean Sonia and I didn’t absolutely love our trip to Bergen! Getting away from the city of Copenhagen for a few days and getting to spend time in the Norwegian woods was something I didn’t think would happen this semester; so despite the rain and expensive prices on just about everything, it was worth every penny!


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