Tue-Do #8: Copenhagen in the Spring

Despite the rain that started to fall again this morning, the past few days have been incredibly warm and sunny in Copenhagen! I decided that the best way for me to soak up all of the sun would be to bike around the city for a few hours each day. I didn’t have any specific destinations in mind, just a desire to explore parts of the city I hadn’t been to before.

I left my kollegium and wandered around Amager where I saw some quaint houses that looked like they belonged in the countryside rather than part of a big city. Then I stumbled along a nature reserve/park that had tons of trails to bike around that are surrounded by grass and greenery which was a nice change from the bike lanes of the city. As I biked I heard birds chirping, saw a few squirrels, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet away from downtown for a few minutes.


Eventually I made my way back to the city where I biked around the streets of Frederiksberg and the Meat Packing District. Both of these areas have great restaurants, cute coffee shops, and a slightly more European feel than other areas in the city center of Copenhagen. Though I didn’t stop at any of these stores it was fun to look in their windows and people watch as I passed by.



I also found two different parks on my biking explorations, Ørstedsparken and Frederiksberg Have. Though I couldn’t bike around either of these parks, I parked my bike and spent time walking around each of them which was so much fun. They both had ponds and small streams running through them with benches to sit on, large grassy areas for dogs to play, and historical buildings and statues to look at while walking around.



It was so nice to get outside and explore Copenhagen when the weather isn’t rainy and cold that it really made it feel like spring had sprung. Plus, the sun doesn’t set until almost 8 o’clock which means everyone can stay out much longer and enjoy the nice weather. Quite a difference from my first few days in Copenhagen when the sun set by 4 o’clock (I’m loving every extra mintute of it!) 🙂


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